ykmアーキ / 宮本 勇樹                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Small House with Floating Treehouse

                                                      Location     : Tokyo,Japan
                                                      Type            :House
                                                      Structure    :Timber and Steel

The house is located in the quiet residential area in the boundary of Central Tokyo. It was built on a lot

measuring 6.5m wide and 13m deep, surrounded by rich greenery including a big old cheery blossom tree.

The house owner likes outdoor activities, camping in a forest. Although this building was built in an urban

area, the design of this house needs to meet their demand which can respond to the outdoor lifestyle and

feel the changes of seasons and the weather intimately.



Therefore, the attic has 2 treehouse design rooms that seem floating above the living room. The concept

of the design is to maximize the use of existing natural resources like, Sunlight, Wind and Greenery, to

create a healthy residential environment and not depending too much on technology. To make use of the

natural ventilation, high ceiling is more appropriate for the hot and humid climate of Tokyo. And the

windows set between 2 treehouse fill the living room with soft natural lighting.




The typical plan was bent like a dogleg, which was designed to face the big old cherry blossom and enfold

the rich greenery and intake cool wind from the west. In addition, although the area on the 2nd floor is quite

small, 35sm, the dogleg shape can give more expanse and depth to the space visually than a rectangular plan.

The high ceiling and the existence of the floating bridge can also add a vertical expanse.



The existence of treehouse provides not only fun playgrounds for kids but also a natural warm atmosphere.

At the same time, it can make the line between outdoor and indoor blurred and it creates an outdoor-like

scene, while indoor.