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In the past time of japan and china,
poeny was called "Kao",
the king of flowers.
Poeny is called "Botan" in japan.
"Bo" means male,
and "tan" has some means,
red,center and  etc.
Red is male colour.
As poeny is male flower.
But poeny is used figuratively beautiful female in Japanese.
It is strange phenomenon.
In Hakkenden,
dog-warriors are identified by
small  crystal balls and bruises like poeny.
Bakin explained about bruises like poeny that
as dog-warriors was symbol of the nature of male,
they had bruises like poeny,male flower.
We need very carefull interpretation of this concept.
Parhaps,Bakin was a sexist,
like most people of edo-era(17-19c in japan)  was so
But the Halkkenden is not nesessarilly sexism novel.
Far from it,the Hakkenden appeals that
all good people live in symbiosis.
This is a reason which
Bakin was a genius free from his age,as a novelist(not father or husband).
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