From: John Dower and Mark Selden
Subject: Sensô Sekinin Kenkyû (The Report on Japan's War Responsibility)

We have recently been in contact with a number of researchers associated with the quarterly journal Sensô Sekinen Kenkyû, published by the Center for Research and Documentation on Japan's War Responsibility.

SSK, published since 1993, has now reached 30 issues. It brings together some of the finest documentary and archival research and analysis by Japanese and other East Asian scholars  on the Pacific War,  particularly on the most critical and contentious issues of that era and down to today. We believe that the journal belongs in every major center library with research interests in World War II in general, and Japanese war, colonialism, and war responsibility in particular, and in the libraries of specialists. It provides a valuable source of documentation for scholars of the Pacific War, and a gold mine for graduate students seeking research topics on the period. We write to call the journal to your attention and to urge that you consider recommending it for library adoption and, for specialists, personal subscription.

Each issue is approximately 85-100 pages of documentation and analysis on issues pertaining to Japanese wartime activity and issues of responsibility, in some instances cast in comparative perspective. Each issue addresses a special topic such as the 'comfort women, the Nanjing Massacre, Unit 731, German War Responsibility, Japanese Aggression and Postwar Reparations, The Military, War and Sexual Violence, and Japanese Anti-War Activity during the Sino-Japanese War, and Universities and the War. Arai Shinichi is the chief editor, with Hayashi Hirofumi and Yoshida Yutaka playing important editorial roles. Other contributors include Fujiwara Akira, Nakamura Masanori, Utsumi Aiko, Yamada Hiroshi, Kasahara Tokushi, Ueno Chizuko, Maeda Akira, Matsui Yayori, and Yoshimi Yoshiaki, authors who have taken the lead in researching and speaking on the most sensitive, important and suppressed issues of the Pacific War.

We particularly request that you call this information to the attention of your librarian and that you forward it to other interested researchers and librarians others with whom you may be in contact, suggesting that the library take the entire collection of thirty issues back to 1993.

The library rate of _Kikan Senso Sekinin Kenkyu_ (The Report on Japan's War Responsibility) is as follows:

Subscription for libraries: US $80.00
Back numbers: US$20.00 per issue; when ordering more than ten issues at once US$15.00 per issue
Payment methods: Money transfer to the center's bank account; No checks
Contacts & Communication: Please email to the center <jwrc@mua.biglobe.ne.jp


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